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Entry  Tue Nov 5 16:47:19 2013, rana, Frogs, LSC, illegal power supply about to expire 20131023_222351.jpg
    Reply  Tue Nov 5 17:12:48 2013, Jenne, Frogs, LSC, illegal power supply about to expire 
    Reply  Wed Nov 6 14:47:41 2013, Steve, Frogs, LSC, Din connectors added at 1Y2 1Y2moreDinFuses.jpg
       Reply  Wed Nov 6 15:57:22 2013, Jenne, Update, LSC, Power Supply solution 
          Reply  Fri Nov 8 17:19:27 2013, Jenne, Update, LSC, New Broadband PD for POP 22/110 IMG_1255.JPG
             Reply  Sat Nov 9 10:25:43 2013, Koji, Update, LSC, New Broadband PD for POP 22/110 
                Reply  Tue Dec 17 14:06:59 2013, rana, Update, LSC, New Broadband PD for POP 22/110 POP22110sch.pdfPOP22110.pdf
    Reply  Thu Feb 26 16:37:21 2015, manasa, Frogs, LSC, RIP illegal power supply 
Message ID: 11078     Entry time: Thu Feb 26 16:37:21 2015     In reply to: 9346
Author: manasa 
Type: Frogs 
Category: LSC 
Subject: RIP illegal power supply 

No more illegal power supply at the LSC rack yes

The amplifiers are now being powered by the rack power supply through fuse blocks.

To make new connections, I shutdown the +/-15 V low noise power supplies. They were turned back ON after the work.


 Is this your illegally installed HP bench power supply?


If so, or if not but you care about the signal that passes through these amplifiers, I suggest you remove this temporary power supply and wire the power from the rack power supplies through the fuse blocks and possibly use a voltage regulator.

In 24 hours, that power supply will be disconnected and the wires snipped if they are still there.


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