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Entry  Wed Dec 24 08:25:05 2014, rana, Configuration, IOO, notes on MC locking 
    Reply  Mon Jan 26 17:43:52 2015, ericq, Configuration, IOO, MC Autolocker update 
       Reply  Thu Mar 19 14:37:17 2015, manasa, Configuration, IOO, IMC relocked 
Message ID: 10940     Entry time: Mon Jan 26 17:43:52 2015     In reply to: 10842     Reply to this: 11145
Author: ericq 
Type: Configuration 
Category: IOO 
Subject: MC Autolocker update 

The MC autolocker hasn't been so snappy recently, and has been especially fussy today. Previously, the mcup script was triggered immediately once the transmission was above a certain threshold. However, this could waste time if it was just an errant flash. Hence, I've added a 0.5 second delay and a second threshold check before mcup is triggered. 

After breaking the lock 5ish times, it does seem to come back quicker.

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