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Message ID: 1093     Entry time: Mon Oct 27 11:16:23 2008
Author: Alberto 
Type: Configuration 
Category: IOO 
Subject: StochMon Calibration 
I implemented the calibration for the four channels of the StochMon in the ioo EPICS database. Now the output of those channels, as shown in the medm screen, gives the peak-to-peak amplitude in voltage of each frequency from the RFAMPD at the transmission of the MC, normalized by the DC output from the same photodiode.

Basically the calibration takes into account the following factors:
- two in series RF preamplifiers, currently laying on the PSL table near the RFAMPD, with gains of 19 dB and 17 dB, respectively
and, inside the StochMon blue box:
- a resonant band-pass filter with the following gains h_f(f) for each of the frequencies of interest: 33MHz -39.5 dB; 133MHz -40.8 dB; 166MHz -49.0 dB; 199MHz -45.0 dB
- a power detector that provides an output voltage linearly proportional to the input power in dBm, with a factor alpha of proportionality equal to an average value of -0.0271 V/dBm for all the frequencies

The calibration that relates the output voltage from the PD to the output voltage from the StochMon is then obtained as:

V_pd(f) = sqrt(2*R*P0)/h_f(f) * 10^( (Vo-q)/(20*alpha) )

where R=50ohm, P0=1mW and q=0.772 V, the latest being the offset in the calibration of the power detector (that is its output for a 0 dBm input).
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