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Entry  Sun Oct 26 21:02:18 2008, rana, Update, Computer Scripts / Programs, SVN medm problem 
    Reply  Mon Oct 27 10:02:16 2008, Yoichi, Update, Computer Scripts / Programs, SVN medm problem 
Message ID: 1092     Entry time: Mon Oct 27 10:02:16 2008     In reply to: 1091
Author: Yoichi 
Type: Update 
Category: Computer Scripts / Programs 
Subject: SVN medm problem 
I tried to check out medm directory both from my laptop and nodus.
I did not get the error.
Have you already fixed it ? Or maybe it is to do with the version of the svn used to checkout ?

As we've seen in the past a few times, there's something wrong with the files in the trunk/medm area.
I get the following error message when doing a fresh checkout:
A    c1/lsc/help/C1LSC_LA_SET.txt
svn: In directory 'c1/lsc/help'
svn: Can't copy 'c1/lsc/help/.svn/tmp/text-base/C1LSC_RFadjust.txt.svn-base' to 'c1/lsc/help/.svn/tmp/C1LSC_RFadjust.txt.tmp.tmp': No such file or directory
It looks like that there are some .svn files which have been checked in as if they're some kind of source code instead of just maintenance files.
We probably have to go through and clean this out and then remove these excess files somehow.
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