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Message ID: 10913     Entry time: Fri Jan 16 18:09:09 2015
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: PMC autolocker not running? 

Have we been running the PMC autolocker lately?  I can't remember, and I also can't find where it might be running.  It's not on megatron, either in the crontab or Q's new /etc/init place.  It's also not on op340m. 

Anyhow, what prompted this was that the PMC transmission has been incredibly fuzzy today.  On the StripTool it looks like it was fine until about -7 hours ago, when it lost lock.  Then Diego relocked it around -3 hours ago, and it's been fuzzy ever since. It was unlocked again for about 15 minutes about 45 minutes ago, and when I relocked it, it was even more fuzzy.

The FSS slow is almost exactly zero, the PMC's PZT is not at the edge of the range, the FSS PC drive RMS has been both high and low, and the PMC fuzz level has just been consistently high.  I was checking the parameters in the PMC phase shifter screen, and looked up the autolocker to see what the nominial values are supposed to be. 

For the RFADJ value, the autolocker sets it to 2.0, and after it locks increases it up to 4.5.  I found the value at 2.0, and the autolocker isn't running, which made me wonder if the autolocker died sometime after it set the value low, but before it could detect lock and reset the value to high.  (Actually, after lock it sets the value to whatever is in the channel C1:PSL-STAT_PMC_NOM_RF_ADJ, which is 4.5).

Anyhow, I manually set the RFADJ value to 4.5, and the PMC transmission immediately improved. 


EDIT, 8pm, JCD:  Rana reminded me that he attached a screenshot back on 30Dec2014 (http://nodus.ligo.caltech.edu:8080/40m/10849), which I had ignored earlier because the parameters weren't written in text.  My bad.  Anyhow, after the New Year's tune-up, the RFADJ should be 6.0.  I have set it so, and also changed the C1:PSL-STAT_PMC_NOM_RF_ADJ chan to be 6.0.

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