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Entry  Mon Jan 5 20:17:26 2015, jamie, Configuration, CDS, GDS upgraded to 2.16.14 2015-01-05-200025_1694x996_scrot.png
    Reply  Tue Jan 6 17:41:20 2015, Jenne, Configuration, CDS, DTT doesn't do envelopes?? 
Message ID: 10854     Entry time: Mon Jan 5 20:17:26 2015     Reply to this: 10859
Author: jamie 
Type: Configuration 
Category: CDS 
Subject: GDS upgraded to 2.16.14 

I upgraded the GDS and ROOT installations in /ligo/apps/ubuntu12 the control room workstations:

  • GDS 2.16.14
  • ROOT 5.34.18 (dependency of GDS)

My cursory tests indicate that they seem to be working:


Now that the control room environment has become somewhat uniform at Ubuntu 12, I modified the /ligo/cdscfg/workstationrc.sh file to source the ubuntu12 configuration:

controls@nodus|apps > cat /ligo/cdscfg/workstationrc.sh
source /ligo/apps/ligoapps-user-env.sh
source /ligo/apps/ubuntu12/ligoapps-user-env.sh
source /opt/rtcds/rtcds-user-env.sh
controls@nodus|apps > 

This should make all the newer versions available everywhere on login.

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