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Entry  Fri Dec 12 04:33:49 2014, Jenne, Update, ASC, ASS retuned 
    Reply  Wed Dec 17 01:51:44 2014, rana, jenne, Update, ASC, ASS retuned ASSconfig_141217_0205.png
       Reply  Wed Dec 17 19:04:12 2014, jenne, Update, ASC, ASS retuned 
          Reply  Wed Dec 17 19:31:55 2014, Koji, Update, ASC, ASS retuned 
             Reply  Tue Jan 27 21:33:39 2015, Koji, Update, ASC, ASS retuned 
Message ID: 10813     Entry time: Wed Dec 17 19:31:55 2014     In reply to: 10812     Reply to this: 10946
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: ASC 
Subject: ASS retuned 

I wonder what to do with the X arm.

The primary purpose of the ASS is to align the arm (=transmission), and the secondary purpose is to adjust the input pointing.

As the BS is the only steering actuator, we can't adjust two dof out of 8 dof.
In the old (my) topology, the spot position on ITMX was left unadjusted.

If my understanding of the latest configuration, the alignment of the cavity (=matching of the input axis with the cavity axis)
is deteriorated in order to move the cavity axis at the center of the two test masses. This is not what we want as this causes
deterioration of the power recycling gain.

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