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Message ID: 1070     Entry time: Wed Oct 22 20:50:30 2008
Author: Alberto 
Type: Omnistructure 
Category: Computers 
Subject: GPS 
Today I measured the GPS clock frequency at the output of CLOCK_MON in a board on the same crate where the c1iool0 computer is located. The monitor was connected with a BNC cable to the 10MHz reference input of the frequency counter on top of that rack, where it was used to check the 166MHz coming from one of the Marconi.

The frequency was supposed to be 10MHz but I actually measured 8 MHz. I tracked down the GPS input cable to the board and it turned out to come from one of the 1Y7 rack. Here it was connected to a board with a display that was showing corrupted digits, plus some leds on the front panel were red.

I'm not sure the GPS reference is working properly.
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