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Entry  Wed Nov 5 11:37:29 2014, manasa, Update, General, Light from Y end reaches PSL table 
    Reply  Thu Nov 6 10:18:12 2014, Steve, Update, General, fiber insulation in cable tray APT07810.jpgfromYend.jpg
       Reply  Fri Nov 21 11:41:24 2014, manasa, Update, General, X end fiber insulated and on cable tray 
          Reply  Mon Dec 1 15:41:38 2014, Steve, Update, General, X end fiber insulated and on cable tray 
Message ID: 10677     Entry time: Thu Nov 6 10:18:12 2014     In reply to: 10670     Reply to this: 10730
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: fiber insulation in cable tray 


[Steve, Diego, Manasa]

Since the beatnotes have disappeared, I am taking this as a chance to put the FOL setup together hoping it might help us find them.

Two 70m long fibers now run along the length of the Y arm and reach the PSL table.

The fibers are running through armaflex insulating tubes on the cable racks. The excess length ~6m sits in its spool on the top of the PSL table enclosure.

Both the fibers were tested OK using the fiber fault locator. We had to remove the coupled end of the fiber from the mount and put it back in the process. So there is only 8mW of end laser power at the PSL table after this activity as opposed to ~13mW.  This will be recovered with some alignment tweaking.

After the activity I found that the ETMY wouldn't damp. I traced the problem to the ETMY SUS model not running in c1iscey. Restarting the models in c1iscey solved the problem.


 AP Armaflex  tube 7/8" ID X 1" wall insulation for the long fiber in wall mounted cable trays installed yesterday.

The 6 ft long sections are not glued. Cable tied into the tray pressed against one an other, so they are air tight. This will allow us adding more fibers later.

 Atm2: Fiber PSL ends  protection added on Friday.


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