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Entry  Mon Oct 20 15:02:00 2008, Yoichi, Configuration, Computers, /cvs/cds restored 
    Reply  Mon Oct 20 16:18:00 2008, Alan, Configuration, Computers, /cvs/cds restored 
Message ID: 1059     Entry time: Mon Oct 20 15:02:00 2008     Reply to this: 1060
Author: Yoichi 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Computers 
Subject: /cvs/cds restored 
I moved missing files in /cvs/cds restored by Alan and Stuart to the original locations.
I confirmed autoburt runs, and dtt, which had also been having trouble running, runs ok now.

I found an interesting piece of evidence on allegra, our new 64bit linux machine.
In the Trash of controls Desktop on that machine, there is /cvs/cds/vw/ directory.
I remember that when I last time emptied the trash bin on the machine (yesterday), it took somewhat long time.
Too bad that I did not pay attention to what was actually in the Trash, but now I have a feeling that in the Trash were
missing /cvs/cds/* directories.
While emptying the Trash, I encountered several errors saying permission denied or something like that, and skipped those files.
Sometimes, when you move something from NFS mounted directories to the Trash, you get this kind of errors.
So my guess is that someone accidentally (or intentionally) moved /cvs/cds/* except for "caltech" to the Trash of allegra.
And I completely removed them carelessly.
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