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Entry  Fri Aug 22 18:05:02 2014, Andres, Update, IMC, Upgrade of the IMC WFSs for the reflection ModeCleanerUpgrade.PNG
    Reply  Mon Aug 25 09:56:21 2014, Steve, Update, IMC, IMC WFSs upgrade eq6Mnapa.png
    Reply  Tue Aug 26 23:46:55 2014, ericq, Update, IMC, WFS tuneup newWFSmatrix.pdf
       Reply  Wed Aug 27 09:12:47 2014, Koji, Update, IMC, WFS tuneup 
Message ID: 10427     Entry time: Fri Aug 22 18:05:02 2014     Reply to this: 10428   10431
Author: Andres 
Type: Update 
Category: IMC 
Subject: Upgrade of the IMC WFSs for the reflection 

 Upgrade of IMC Reflection Optical Setup

Nick and I upgrade the IMC. We move both WFSs and placed them facing west. When aligning the beam into the WFS, we make sure that the beam were hitting the center of the mirrors and then we placed the lenses in their corresponding position. We used the beam scanner to measure the waist and the waist in the second WFS was bigger than 1mm, and the second WFS was a little bit below than 1mm. We center the beam in the WFSs and in the PD. We did haven't measure whether we have a good Gouy Phase. Below I attached the picture of how the new setup look like.   


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