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Message ID: 10389     Entry time: Thu Aug 14 18:10:46 2014
Author: Harry 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Fiber Temperature Effects Setup 


We want to characterize the sort of response the fibers have to temperature gradients along them (potentially altering indices of refraction, etc.)

Experimental Setup

I have constructed a sort of two chambered "calorimeter" (by which I mean some coolers and other assorted pieces of recycling.)

The idea is that half of the length of PM fiber resides in one chamber, and the other in the other.

One chamber will remain at an uncontrolled, stable temperature (as measured by thermocouple probe) while the other's temperature is varied using a heat gun.

Using this setup, one can measure losses in power, and effects on polarization within the fiber.


This is currently living on the electronics bench until tomorrow morning, and is a little fragile, just in case it needs to be moved.

Attachment 1: tempAffectsSetup.zip  1.496 MB
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