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Entry  Wed Aug 13 10:50:04 2014, Andres, Update, IMC, Calculation for the input mode cleaner ModeCleanerSetup0.PNGalaModeModeCleanersolution.png
    Reply  Wed Aug 13 13:08:24 2014, rana, Update, IMC, Calculation for the input mode cleaner 
       Reply  Thu Aug 14 15:10:47 2014, Andres, Update, IMC, Calculation for the input mode cleaner SolutionForTheModeCleanerSetup00.pngSolutionForTheModeCleanerSetup11.pngPossibleSetupForModeCleaner.PNGalaModeSolution.zip
    Reply  Wed Aug 13 22:01:57 2014, rana, Update, IMC, Calculation for the input mode cleaner 
Message ID: 10374     Entry time: Wed Aug 13 10:50:04 2014     Reply to this: 10375   10379
Author: Andres 
Type: Update 
Category: IMC 
Subject: Calculation for the input mode cleaner 

  Calculation for the input mode cleaner

I have been working on the calculation for the input mode cleaner. I have come out with a new optical setup that will allow us increase the Gouy phase different between the WFS to 90 degrees. I use a la mode to calculate it. The a la mode solution :

   label            z (m)      type             parameters         
    -----            -----      ----             ----------         
    MC1                    0    flat mirror      none:            
    MC3               0.1753    flat mirror      none:            
    MC2              13.4587    curved mirror    ROC: 17.8700       
    Lens1            29.6300    lens             focalLength: 1.7183
    BS2              29.9475    flat mirror      none:            
    First Mirror     30.0237    flat mirror      none:            
    WFS1             30.2269    flat mirror      none:            
    Second Mirror    30.2650    flat mirror      none:            
    Third Mirror     30.5698    flat mirror      none:            
    Lens2            30.9885    lens             focalLength: 1     
    Fourth Mirror    31.0778    flat mirror      none:            
    Lens3            31.4604    lens             focalLength: 0.1000
    Fifth Mirror     31.5350    flat mirror      none:            
    Sixth Mirror     31.9414    flat mirror      none:            
    WFS2             31.9922    flat mirror      none:    

I attached a pictures how the new setup is supposed to look like. 

Attachment 1: ModeCleanerSetup0.PNG  20.105 MB  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: alaModeModeCleanersolution.png  17 kB  | Hide | Hide all
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