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Entry  Fri Aug 1 12:49:06 2014, Koji, Summary, IOO, MC servo analysis MC_OLTF.pdfMC_Error_Common.pdfMC_Crossover.pdfMC_CLTF_Fast.pdf
    Reply  Thu Aug 7 11:57:59 2014, Koji, Summary, IOO, MC servo analysis MC_OLTF_Fit.pdfIMC_OLTF.zipMC_OLTF_estimated.pdf
       Reply  Fri Aug 8 12:39:19 2014, ericq, Summary, IOO, MC servo analysis mcLoopAug8.zipMCloopAug8.pdf
          Reply  Fri Aug 8 15:57:29 2014, ericq, Summary, IOO, MC servo analysis OLTFs.pdfCLTFs.pdfmcLoopAug8.zip
             Reply  Fri Aug 8 18:08:12 2014, Koji, Summary, IOO, MC servo analysis 
             Reply  Sat Aug 9 14:35:28 2014, Koji, Summary, IOO, MC servo analysis MC_OLTF_Fit.pdfliso.zipMC_CLTF_Fit.pdfMC_CLTF_new.pdfMC_OLTF_new.pdf
Message ID: 10343     Entry time: Thu Aug 7 11:57:59 2014     In reply to: 10322     Reply to this: 10351
Author: Koji 
Type: Summary 
Category: IOO 
Subject: MC servo analysis 

LISO Fit for the IMC open loop TF. The data and liso source for the fitting were attached in the ZIP file.

I noticed now that the open loop TF I measured has too less phase delay.
I used the closed loop TF to estimate the openloop TF.

Looking at this comparison, I'm afraid that the superboost was not on during the measurement.
I need a new measurement to design MC loop modification to give the AO path for broader bandwidth.

Attachment 1: MC_OLTF_Fit.pdf  162 kB  Uploaded Thu Aug 7 13:03:06 2014  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: IMC_OLTF.zip  12 kB  Uploaded Thu Aug 7 13:03:48 2014
Attachment 3: MC_OLTF_estimated.pdf  67 kB  Uploaded Thu Aug 7 14:50:26 2014  | Hide | Hide all
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