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Message ID: 1030     Entry time: Tue Oct 7 10:49:29 2008
Author: Alberto 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Displaced Photodiode 
This morning I found that the photodidode of the PLL in the PSL table was not aligned to the beam anymore. The PD support was not tight to the pedestal so that the PD was rotated and completely off of the beam.

It is possible that the BNC cable connected to the PD was pulled very strongly, or the PD was hit so that the support got unscrewed by its pedestal. Anyways, it did not happen spontaneously.

I re-aligned the PD and observed again the beat between the two laser beams. Here are the values from the measurement of the signal from the PD:
I measured the DC values of the hitting power, alternatively occluding one of the two laser beams, and I measured the beat amplitude letting them interfere and reading the peak-to-peak amplitude of the oscillating signal:

main beam DC: 200mV
secondary beam DC: 490
beat: 990mV
beat at the spectrum analyzer (after the two-way splitter of the PLL): -8.40dBm on a noise floor of the photodiode of -75dBm

the frequency of the beast is 8.55MHz and the temperature of the NPRO of the secondary beam, as read from the laser driver display, is 48.7357C.

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