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Message ID: 10287     Entry time: Tue Jul 29 18:52:42 2014
Author: Harry 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: PSL and AUX Coupling Waist Measurement 

//edit Manasa//  Harry will update this elog with before/after pictures of the table and power of the 1064nm rejected beam from the SHG.
While making these measurements, I reduced the Y end laser power (decreasing the current) so that we could use the beam profiler without burning anything and then brought it back up to the nominal power after the measurements were done.


We wanted to take measurements of "waists" of the PSL and AUX (Y-Arm) so I can then design a telescope to couple both into fibers for use in FOL.


For both lasers, PSL and AUX, I measured the profile of the dumped red (1064nm) beams coming out of the second harmonic generators, as this is the light that we will be using in FOL.

The power in the beam I measured from the PSL was 87.5 mW, and the power in the measured beam at the end table was 96 mW (when reduced from nominal power).

I used the beam profiler to take measurements of spot size at multiple points along the optical axis of both lasers.

An issue with these measurements was space constraints. In other words, there was no room on either table for a translation stage to hold the Profiler. I used a tape measure to determine Z-Coordinates. However, especially in the case of the AUX laser, parallax error caused uncertainty in my position measurements, which I would estimate at plus and minus 1.5cm.

I then fit these data using ALM to determine waist size and location for use in telescope design.

Z = 0 in the PSL graph is the face of the first mirror in the beam path, and in the AUX graph Z = 0 is the face of the SHG.



My measurement of the PSL gave:

X Waist = 43um at z = 6.8mm, as measured from the face of the SHG.

Y Waist = 44um at z = 6.8mm, as measured from the face of the SHG.

AUX Measurements gave:

X Waist = 44um at z = -3.1mm from the SHG face

Y Waist = 36um at z = -3.6mm from the SHG face


Find attached alm files in .zip

Movement on the Tables

In order to facilitate the measurements, we needed to move some things around, as pictured below.

On the PSL table, we installed a steering mirror after the Green filtering mirror, which is immediately after the SHG output, in addition to appropriate beam dumps.

before PSLBefore.png      after   PSLAfter.JPG

At the end table, we removed some unused optics, as well as a PD, which were in the way . //edit// manasa: We removed IPANG (which has no light on it) and the associated steering optics.

before    AUXBefore.JPG  after   AUXAfter.JPG

Moving Forward

Either tonight or tomorrow morning, I will use these data to design coupling telescopes for the PSL and AUX light.

Tomorrow, I will couple both lasers to fibers, and hopefully finish assembling the optics for FOL

Attachment 4: FOL.zip  79 kB
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