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Message ID: 10283     Entry time: Mon Jul 28 17:53:00 2014
Author: Akhil 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Work plan for the Upcoming weeks- FOL Project 

 [Akhil, Harry]

Work Completed :

 Frequency Counter:

  • Interfacing with the Raspberry Pi
  • Characterization of the FC:          

                                   - Transfer Function 

                                   - Quantization Noise Estimation

Temperature Actuator:

  • Measurement of the Transfer Function

EPICS and Channel Readout:

  •  Creating a new Channel Access Server(SoftIOC)
  •   Piping data from FC into created channels.              

Frequency Offset Locking(FOL) Box Design and Plan:

  • Planning and selection of place for installation.
  • Preparation of the box and routing cables.


Work Plan for Upcoming Weeks:

  • Calibration of the Thermal Actuator TF and PID loop design.
  • Channel Testing after installation of the FOL box inside the 40m.
  • Optics:
    • Measure beam profiles of AUX lasers and PSL.
    • Design coupling telescope, given space constraints at end tables
    • Couple lasers into fibers
    • Connect fibers from lasers to fiber coupled Beam Combiner and Photodiode.
  • Testing of FOL loop after installation of the complete system.



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