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Entry  Mon Oct 6 12:45:41 2008, Alberto, DAQ, LSC, C1LSC in coma 
    Reply  Mon Oct 6 16:41:33 2008, Alberto, DAQ, LSC, C1LSC in coma 
Message ID: 1028     Entry time: Mon Oct 6 12:45:41 2008     Reply to this: 1029
Author: Alberto 
Type: DAQ 
Category: LSC 
Subject: C1LSC in coma 
Alberto, Joe,

The C1LSC medm screen is frozen and the C1LSC computer is down. We tried to reboot and to restart it first turning off the power and then just rebooting remotely. None of them worked. We check whether any of the cable was unplugged but they were ok. Also all the led turned on to green after rebooting.
Trying to reboot we get the following error message: init_module: device or resource busy.

We called Alex who first suggested to check all the connection and then to swap the timing cable between two Pentek boards but the computer was still down.
It is possible that the board is dead. Alex and Rolf are going to look into this problem and for any spare board.

by now we can't lock any DOF of the IFO.
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