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Entry  Thu Jul 24 19:28:43 2014, Akhil, Update, General, Thermal Actuator Transfer Functions TF-X-ARM.pdfTF-Y-ARM.pdf
    Reply  Sat Jul 26 13:10:14 2014, Akhil, Update, General, Thermal Actuator Transfer Functions TFX_new.pdf
Message ID: 10275     Entry time: Sat Jul 26 13:10:14 2014     In reply to: 10272
Author: Akhil 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Thermal Actuator Transfer Functions 

Koji said that the method we used for X-arm thermal actuator TF measurement was not correct and suggested us to make measurements separately for high and low frequencies( ensuring coherence at those frequencies is high).

(Edit by KA: The previous measurements for X/Y arm thermal actuators were done with each arm individually locked. This imposes the MC stability to the arm motion. The MC stability is worse than the arm stability due to shorter length and more number of the mirrors. Thus the arm motions were actually amplified rather than stabilized. The correct configuration was to stabilize MC using the other arm and control the measurement arm with the arm cavity length.)

So I and Eric Q took some improved TF measurements last night for the X-arm. The input excitation and the filters used were similar to that of the previous measurement . The attached are the TF plots showing two different frequency measurements.The data was saved and will be used to generate a complete TF. The attached (TFX_new.pdf)shows the independent TF measurement for X-arm temperature actuator. The black legend shows the TF at high frequencies(>1 Hz) and the red at low frequencies(<1 Hz). The final TF plots( from the data) will be posted in my next elog. 

We also made the measurements needed for calibration of these actuator Transfer functions. For this we gave some excitation for the arm length( separately for X arm and Y arm) and measured the PZT response. I will eLog with the details of the measurement and results shortly.

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