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Message ID: 10261     Entry time: Wed Jul 23 11:15:54 2014
Author: Akhil 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Installation of FCs in the 40m 

 As a part of installation of two(X-ARM and Y-ARM) frequency counters in the 40m, I have tested their performance when using them both on a single Raspberry Pi. The timing plots are attached. There are almost no timing issues in this configuration and it can be said that there is no harm using both of the FCs on the same platform.

We will be installing the FC box inside the lab and carry out few tests with RF mon beat note inputs.

Attachment 1: Timingwith2FCs.png  12 kB  Uploaded Wed Jul 23 12:19:10 2014  | Hide | Hide all
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