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Entry  Mon Jul 21 10:30:38 2014, Harry, Update, General, Fiber Mode Measurement fiberModeMeasurement.pngfiberModeFit2.pngfiberModeMeasurement2.zip
    Reply  Mon Jul 21 18:08:19 2014, Harry, Update, General, Fiber Mode Measurement fiberModeMeasurement3.png
    Reply  Tue Jul 22 16:26:04 2014, Harry, Update, General, Fiber Mode Measurement fiberModeProfile3.pngfiberModeMeasurement4.zip
Message ID: 10255     Entry time: Tue Jul 22 16:26:04 2014     In reply to: 10244
Author: Harry 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Fiber Mode Measurement 

I repeated this process once more, this time using the computer controlled stage that the beam profiler is designed to be mounted to.

These data//fitting appears to be within error bars. The range of my measurements was limited when the beam width was near the effective aperture of the profiler.

This latest trial yielded a waist of 4um, located 2.9 mm inside the fiber for the X profile, and 3.0mm inside the fiber for the Y profile.


Code is attached in fiberModeMeasurement4.zip. Note that the z=0 point is defined as the end of the fiber.

Attachment 2: fiberModeMeasurement4.zip  8 kB
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