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Entry  Wed Jul 9 21:43:41 2014, Jenne, Update, Electronics, PMC servo card modifications in DCC 
    Reply  Sun Jul 20 09:26:27 2014, Evan, Update, Electronics, MC servo card modifications in DCC 
       Reply  Tue Jul 22 08:24:42 2014, Evan, Update, Electronics, MC servo card: modified schematic D1400242.zip
Message ID: 10250     Entry time: Tue Jul 22 08:24:42 2014     In reply to: 10243
Author: Evan 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: MC servo card: modified schematic 


Patient One for this new system will be the MC servo card. The DCC number is D1400242. Currently, v1 is just the original drawing with no modifications. I've updated the DCC document tree at E1400326 accordingly.

It looks like we can use Jenne's information in 40m:9892 to deduce the modifications that have been made (alternatively, someone can just pull the board and examine it on the bench).

The attached zip file has a modified schematic of the MC servo card (011/MC), as deduced from Jenne's photos. Someone should go through and verify that the schematic is correct. Then it can go on the DCC as D1400242-v2.

To modify the schematic, I used Inkscape (the svg files for each sheet are included in the zip file). Then to generate the pdf, I ran

for i in sheet*.svg; do inkscape -A "${i/svg/pdf}" "$i"; done

pdftk sheet*.pdf cat output D1400242

Attachment 1: D1400242.zip  839 kB
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