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Entry  Thu Jul 17 00:38:30 2014, Jenne, Update, LSC, RIN in arm transmission TransRIN.pdf
    Reply  Sat Jul 19 17:36:44 2014, Jenne, Update, LSC, RIN in arm transmission TransSqrtInvRIN_vs_ALSsensing_18July2014.pngThorlabsRIN_16July2014.png
       Reply  Sat Jul 19 20:51:51 2014, Koji, Update, LSC, RIN in arm transmission 
          Reply  Wed Jul 23 02:01:15 2014, Jenne, Update, LSC, RIN in arm transmission - revised calibration TransSqrtInvRIN_vs_ALSsensing_18July2014.png
Message ID: 10224     Entry time: Thu Jul 17 00:38:30 2014     Reply to this: 10241
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: RIN in arm transmission 

[Rana, Jenne]

We had a look at the RIN of the transmission signals TRX and TRY, when the arms were individually locked on IR.  If the intensity noise is very bad, then the transmission signals aren't really a good option to use for locking.  So, if the RIN is bad, we need to work on our intensity stabilization. 

We need to understand what the situation is with the AOM, and why it isn't working as expected, so that we can reinstall it.  We also need to decide if we're going to use the SR560 setup, or if the Chas ISS is sufficiently characterized for us to use. 

The RIN is certainly bad.  Also, I don't know why the Xarm's RIN is worse between 10 Hz and a few hundred Hz than the Yarm.


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