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Message ID: 10185     Entry time: Fri Jul 11 15:29:26 2014
Author: Harry 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Telescope With Collimator 

 I used a la mode to make a design for the coupling telescope with a 3.3um target waist, that included the collimator in the overall design. The plot is below, and code is attached.

The components are as follows:

 label         z (m)     type    parameters         

   -----         -----     ----    ----------         

    lens1         0.7681    lens    focalLength: 0.5000

    lens2         0.8588    lens    focalLength: 0.0350

    collimator    0.8832    lens    focalLength: 0.0020


The z coordinates are as measured from the beam waist of the NPRO (the figure on the far left  of the plot).

Moving forward, this setup will be used to couple the NPRO (more specifically, the AUX lasers) light into the SM 980 fibers, as well as to help characterize the fibers themselves.

Ultimately, this will be a key component in the Frequency Offset Locking project that Akhil and I are working on, as it will transport the AUX light to the PSL, where the two beams will be beaten with each other to generate the input signal to the PID control loop, which will actuate the temperature servos of the AUX lasers.

Attachment 1: telescope_2.zip  11 kB
Attachment 2: telescopeWCollimator.png  9 kB  Uploaded Sun Jul 13 22:58:47 2014  | Hide | Hide all
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