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Message ID: 10154     Entry time: Tue Jul 8 16:45:15 2014
Author: Nichin 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Weekly plan 

 My plan for next week is...

1)    1) Taking DC output readings with multimeter for each PD to create a database for all the PDs. Requires taking off the table tops for each PD.  Also, making sure each PD is illuminated properly.

    2 - 3 Hours inside the lab 

    Requires presence of expert

Occupies all the PDs , RF switch and the Network analyzer.

2)    2)  Integrate the switch selection script with the Network analyzer script to complete the automation part of the project.  (If time permits, build a simple GUI for easy operation)

Occupies the control room computer, RF switch and the Network analyzer

3)    3)  Create a database of canonical plots for each PD to compare with the current plot and maybe even plot the difference between the current plot and canonical plot.

Occupies the control room computer, PDs , RF switch and the Network analyzer.

4)    4)  Fit the transfer function or transimpedance using vector fitting. (vectfit4.m)

5)    5) Update 40m-Wiki

6)    6) Progress Report to be submitted to SFP.

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