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Message ID: 10117     Entry time: Tue Jul 1 18:06:13 2014
Author: nichin 
Type: Update 
Category: Computer Scripts / Programs 
Subject: Network Analyzer NWAG4395A data acquisition 

EDIT: The script and template file have been moved to /opt/rtcds/caltech/c1/scripts/general/netgpibdata/



The NEW and IMPROVED script for remotely getting data from Agilent 4395A network analyzer is located at /users/nichin

This script is quite different from the one in Elog 10108 and fetches us both magnitude and phase. There is an added feature of setting the IF Bandwidth.

The network analyzer is located at crocetta.martian (

How to run the script:

> python NWAG4395A_data_acq.py [filename.yml]

  1. The script accepts sweep parameters and output options via a .yml file that is written following a template that can be found at /users/nichin/NWAG4395A_parameters.yml
  2. The data obtained is stored as a .dat file and the corresponding details regarding the acquired data is in a .par parameter file
  3. Separate .dat and .par files are created for phase and magnitude of voltage data.
  4. You can choose to get a plot of the data obtained by specifying it in the .yml file. The plots are automatically stored as PDF.
  5. Plots, data and parameter files are all stored in a new folder that is created with a timestamp in its name.
  6. NOTE: Plotting options are only available in computers running numpy versions of 1.6.0 or above.(Currently only Ottavia and Chiara)

Test Run:

I connected a simple 2MHz Low pass filter between the modulation output and signal input of the NA and ran a scan from 100KHz to 20MHz. The script was run from Ottavia.

The expected plot was obtained and is attached here.

Current work:

Setting up the RF switch in rack 1Y1 to select between required PDs and scripts to tell it which channel to choose over the Ethernet.


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