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Entry  Mon Jun 30 10:06:39 2014, Steve, Update, VAC, low on pneumatic pressure of vacuum valves runoutofN2.pnglowN2.pngN2d100.png
    Reply  Wed Jul 2 11:47:26 2014, Steve, Update, VAC, broken changeover regulator of N2 supply 
Message ID: 10112     Entry time: Mon Jun 30 10:06:39 2014     Reply to this: 10120
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: low on pneumatic pressure of vacuum valves 

This morning valve condition: V1, VM1, V4 and V5 valves were closed. IFO pressure rose to 1.3 mTorr

It was caused by low N2 pressure.  Our vacuum valves are moved-controlled by 60-70 PSI of nitrogen.

When this supply drops below 50-60 PSI the interlock closes V1 valve. This is the minimum pressure required to move the large valves.

It is our responsibility to check the N2 cylinder pressure supply.

The vacuum valve configuration is back to VAC. NORMAL,  CC1  4.8E-6 Torr


PS: Bob says that the second cylinder was full this morning, but the auto-switch over did not happen.

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Attachment 2: lowN2.png  27 kB  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 3: N2d100.png  24 kB  Uploaded Mon Jun 30 12:26:34 2014  | Hide | Hide all
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