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Message ID: 10076     Entry time: Thu Jun 19 17:28:19 2014
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: window device is ready for test 

The window is at the north west corner of the  PSL enclosure.

The 1 mm thick BK7 window is AR coated both side R <0.08%,  W2-PW1-1004-1064-0

The PZT stack is 0.75" OD, 0.25" thick with  ~ 6 mm ID,  motion range 2.5 micron at 200V

Soft silicon rubber isolation.


RXA: This is the opto-mechanical phase shifter that Steve has built for diagnosing scattered light problems. We put it into the reflected light path of any of the cavities and see if it can move the scattering noise from DC up to a higher frequency. e.g.:

The paper on this from GEO

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