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Entry  Mon Sep 29 01:19:40 2008, rana, Summary, PSL, Laser chiller running a little hot 
    Reply  Mon Sep 29 13:23:40 2008, rob, Summary, PSL, Laser chiller running a little hot 
Message ID: 1005     Entry time: Mon Sep 29 13:23:40 2008     In reply to: 1003
Author: rob 
Type: Summary 
Category: PSL 
Subject: Laser chiller running a little hot 

I looked at it some last night and my suspicion was the ISS. Whenever the ISS switch came on the FAST got a kick.

We should try to disable the MC locking and ISS and see if the FSS/PMC/MZ are stable this way. If so this may be
a problem with the ISS / Current Shunt.

My entry about the laser chiller got deleted. The PSL appears to be running with the ISS gain at -5dB, so that's good, but the
chiller is still showing 21+ degrees. It should be at twenty, so there's something causing it to run out of
headroom. We'll know more once Yoichi has inspected the ISS.

In the deleted entry I noted that the VCO (AOM driver), which is quite warm, has been moved much closer to the MOPA.
This may be putting some additional load on the chiller (doubtful given the amount of airflow with the HEPAs on,
but it's something to consider).
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