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Entry  Mon Jun 9 11:42:00 2014, Jenne, Update, CDS, Computer status 
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Message ID: 10028     Entry time: Wed Jun 11 16:01:31 2014     In reply to: 10025     Reply to this: 10596
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: c1Vac1 and c1vac2 rebooted 



 I have brought back c1auxex and c1auxey.  Hopefully this elog will have some more details to add to Rana's elog 10015, so that in the end, we have the whole process documented.

The old Dell computer was already in a Minicom session, so I didn't have to start that up - hopefully it's just as easy as opening the program.

I plugged the DB9-RJ45 cable into the top of the RJ45 jacks on the computers.  Since the aux end station computers hadn't had their bootChanges done yet, the prompt was "VxWorks Boot" (or something like that).  For a computer that was already configured, for example the psl machine, the prompt was "c1psl", the name of the machine.  So, the indication that work needs to be done is either you get the Boot prompt, or the computer starts to hang while it's trying to load the operating system (since it's not where the computer expects it to be).  If the computer is hanging, key the crate again to power cycle it.  When it gets to the countdown that says "press any key to enter manual boot" or something like that, push some key.  This will get you to the "VxWorks Boot" prompt. 

Once you have this prompt, press "?" to get the boot help menu.  Press "p" to print the current boot parameters (the same list of things that you see with the bootChange command when you telnet in).  Press "c" to go line-by-line through the parameters with the option to change parameters.  I discovered that you can just type what you want the parameter to be next to the old value, and that will change the value.  (ex.  "host name   : linux1   chiara"   will change the host name from the old value of linux1 to the new value that you just typed of chiara). 

After changing the appropriate parameters (as with all the other slow computers, just the [host name] and the [host inet] parameters needed changing), key the crate one more time and let it boot.  It should boot successfully, and when it has finished and given you the name for the prompt (ex. c1auxex), you can just pull out the RJ45 end of the cable from the computer, and move on to the next one.


 Koji, Jenne and Steve


Preparation to reboot:

1, closed VA6, V5 disconnected cable to valves ( closed all annuloses )

2, closed V1, disconnected it and stopped Maglev rotation

3, closed V4, disconnected its cable

   See Atm1,  This set up is insured us so there can not be any accidental valve switching to vent the vacuum envelope if reboot-caos strikes.[moving=disconnected]

4, RESET c1Vac1 and c1Vac2 one by one and together. They both went at once. We did NOT power recycled.

    Jenne entered the new "carma" words on  the old Dell laptop and checked the good answers. The reboot was done.

    Note: c1Vac1 green-RUN indicator LED is yellow. It is fine as yellow.

5, Checked and TOGGLED valve positions to be correct value ( We did not correct the the small turbo pumps monitor positions, but they  were alive )

6,  V4 was reconnected and opened. Maglev was started.

7,  V1 cable reconnected and opened at full rotation speed of 560 Hz

8,  V5 cable reconnected,  valve opened..............VA6 cable connected and opened........

9,   Vacuum Normal valve configuration was reached.


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